Combat Counterfeiting and Safeguard your Brand

It all begins with RootChain, a blockchain-based cloud-resident authentication solution.

Find out how 

The RootChain Ecosystem

Protecting your brand from counterfeits

Protecting your brand from counterfeits

 1. RootChain interface creates serialized product verification codes which are 2. transferred to product packaging through variable data printing and activated. 3. Your consumers scan the code to verify product, retrieve information and rewards.

Detect counterfeits

Alerts if expired / recalled

Connect and engage with consumer

Collect supply chain and consumer analytics

Why RootChain

At Synectify we are committed in enabling you create and leverage a transparent and resilient supply chain.

Driving trust and transparency for your products

A flexible and scalable RootChain tag variety

Choose between RFID, QR code, tags or smart chips

Empowering your business decision with rich insights

a higher fidelity of supply chain and consumer insight

Consumer centricity

digitalizing your packaging by providing a superior level of consumer engagement

Swift and flexible integration

easy adoption into your existing productionline

The RootChain Seal of Trust

With the RootChain
Trust Seal, we go the extra mile by ensuring that you can not only verify
product authenticity but also stay better connected with your favourite brands.

Your Assurance of Authenticity

verify the authenticity of any product with a simple scan from your smartphone.
No app required.

Locate Code

Prominently displayed on product packaging.


Using any convenient QR code reader.


Look for the RootChain Seal of Trust which verifies the authenticity of your purchase.

We Make Your Scan Matter

every scan you help your favourite brands fight counterfeits and foster a safe
and transparent product ecosystem that ensures your always receive authentic

Purchase with Confidence

Identify and separate counterfeits at a click

Detailed Product Information

view additional product details, tips, user guide

Rewards for Loyalty

Receive exciting rewards and loyalty points from select brands